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Boy names starting with R

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Raahi Boy Traveller Select
Raajyashree Boy Propriety of the king Select
Rachit Boy To Create Select
Radhakrishna Boy Radha & Lord Krishna Select
Radhesh Boy Lord Krishna Select
Radhey Boy Karna Select
Radheya Boy Son Of Radha .I E Karna Select
Raghav Boy Born In Raghu Clan ( Rama) Select
Raghavendra Boy Another Name For Lord Rama Select
Raghbir Boy Select
Raghuram Boy Lord Rama Select
Raghuveer Boy Lord Rama Select
Raghuveer/vir Boy Brave Man Of The Raghu Clan (Rama) Select
Ragin Boy Select
Rahi Boy Traveller Select
Rahul Boy Son Of Gautam Buddha Select
Raivata Boy Manu Select
Raj Boy King,Kingdom Select
Raja Boy King-Queen Select
Rajal Boy Select
Rajan Boy King Select
Rajaneesh, Rajnish Boy God Of Night (Moon) Select
Rajani Boy Select
Rajanikant Boy Lord Of Night ( The Moon) Select
Rajat Boy Silver,Courage Select


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