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Hindu Girl names starting with R page 2 of 3

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Rani Girl Queen Select
Ranita Girl Tinkling Select
Ranjana Girl Satisfaction Select
Ranjini Girl Pleasing Select
Ranjita Girl Adorned Select
Rashi, Raashi Girl Collection Select
Rashmi Girl Rays Of The Early Morning Sun Select
Rashmika Girl Ray Of Light Select
Rasika Girl Interested In All Good Things Select
Rasna Girl The Tongue Select
Rati Girl A Devi Select
Ratna Girl Jewel Select
Ratnali Girl A Jewelled Select
Rea, Ria Girl Flower Name For Poppy Select
Reetul Girl Select
Rekha Girl Line Select
Rena Girl Peace Select
Renu Girl Molecule Select
Renuka Girl The Mother Of Parasurma Select
Resham Girl Silk Select
Reshma Girl Silken Select
Reshmi Girl Silken Select
Resna Girl

Tongue , Ray

Reva Girl A Star Select
Revati Girl A Star Select


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