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Hindu Baby Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Vimal Boy Pure Select
Vimaladitya Boy Clean Sun Select
Vimalmani Boy Pure Jewel (Crystal) Select
Vimlesh Boy Select
Vimridh Boy Lord Indra Select
Vinahast Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vinay Boy Good Manners, Modesty Select
Vinayak Boy Ganesh, Buddha Select
Vineet Boy Modest,Knowledgeable Select
Vineeth Boy Select
Vinesh Boy Godly Select
Vinil Boy Blue Select
Vinkur Boy Plant Withouth Thorns Select
Vinochan Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vinod Boy Happy, Full Of Joy Select
Vinoo Boy To Spread In Different Directions Select
Vipan Boy Sail, Small Trade Select
Vipaschit Boy Lord Buddha Select
Vipin Boy Forest, Woods Select
Vipinbehari Boy Forest Wanderer Select
Viplav Boy Drifting About, Revolution Select
Vipul Boy Plenty Select
Vir Boy Brave Select
Virabhadra Boy Lord Shiva Select
Viraj Boy Resplendent, Splendour Select


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