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Hindu Baby Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Yashpal Boy Protector Of Fame Select
Yashwant Boy One Who Has Achieved Glory Select
Yatharth Boy Select
Yathavan Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Yatin Boy Ascetic,Devotee Select
Yatindra Boy Lord Indra Select
Yatish Boy Lord Of Devotees Select
Yatnesh Boy God Of Efforts Select
Yayati Boy Name Of A Sage Select
Yayin Boy Lord Shiva Select
Yedhu Boy Select
Yeshas Boy Select
Yogendra Boy Again, God Of Yoga Select
Yogesh Boy God Of Yoga Select
Yogi Boy Devotee Select
Yojit Boy Planner Select
Yudhajit Boy Victor In War Select
Yudhishthir Boy Eldest Pandava Brother Select
Yudhisthir Boy Firm In Battle Select
Yudiraj Boy Select
Yugandhar Boy Select
Yugank Boy End Of An Era Select
Zevesh Boy Select
Aadhira Girl Moon Select
Aaloka Girl Cry Of Victory Select


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