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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Saatvika Girl Calm Select
Sachi Girl Wife Of Lord Indra Select
Sadgati Girl Liberation Select
Sadguna Girl Good Virtues Select
Sadhana Girl Worship Select
Sadhika Girl Achiever Select
Sadhvi Girl Virtuous Woman Select
Sagarika Girl Waves Select
Saguna Girl Possessed Of Good Qualities Select
Sahana Girl Patience Select
Saheli Girl Friend Select
Sajili Girl Decorated Select
Sajni Girl Beloved Select
Sakhi Girl Friend Select
Sakshi Girl Witness Select
Saloni Girl Beautiful Select
Samantha Girl Equality Select
Samaya Girl Timeless Select
Sameeksha Girl One With The Capacity To Judge Select
Samhita Girl A Vedic Omposition Select
Samidha Girl An Offering For A Sacred Fire Select
Samiha Girl Desire Select
Samita Girl Collected Select
Sampada Girl Wealthy Select
Sampoorna Girl Complete Select


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