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Hindu Baby Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Shayna Girl Beautiful Select
Bindhu Girl Point Select
Suma Girl Lucky Select
Subeesh Boy Sunrise Select
Roopitha Girl Beautiful Select
Thrishna Girl Desired Select
Lilly Girl The name of a flower 'Lily' Select
Kasthuri Girl Musk, Deer musk Select
Anushree Girl Pretty Select
Subhash Boy Eloquent Select
Gouri Girl Highest Select
Balan Boy Youthful Select
Jithin Boy Undefeatable,Always the conqueror Select
Jithu Boy Always winning Select
Presanna Girl Cheerful, pleased, happy Select
Subitha Girl Beautyful , Nice girl Select
Sunitha Girl "Good guidance, righteous " Select
Pavithra Girl Pure, sacred, Select
Aadav Boy The sun, bright, powerful, intelligent Select
Kannan Boy Hindu Lord krishna Select
Aranya Girl Forest Select
Naivedhya Girl Offering to God Select
Amruth Boy Nectar Select


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