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Hindu Baby Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Durvish Boy One Who Cannot Be Affected By Poison (Lord Shiva) Select
Dvimidha Boy Hindu Boy Select
Dwarkadhish Boy Ruler Of Dwarka (Lord Krishna) Select
Dwarkanath Boy Lord Of Dwarka (Lord Krishna) Select
Dwijendra/Dwijesh Boy Moon Select
Dyaus Boy King Of Heaven And The First Man On Earth Select
Eashan Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Ekachakra Boy Son Of Kashyapa Select
Ekalinga Boy Lord Shiva Select
Ekanga Boy A Bodyguard Select
Eklavya Boy Student Who Learned Bow By Watching Select
Eknath Boy A Famous Poet-Saint Of India Select
Esh Boy God Select
Eshaan Boy Desiring And Wishing Select
Eshwar Boy God Select
Eshwardutt Boy Gift Of God Select
Falak Boy The Sky Select
Fateh Boy Victory Select
Gagan Boy The Sky, Heaven Select
Gagandeep Boy A Lamp In The Sky Select
Gajanan Boy One With An Elephant Face ( Lord Ganesh) Select
Gajendra Boy Elephant King (Lord Airavat) Select
Gajendranath Boy Owner Of Gajendra (Lord Indra) Select
Gaman Boy Hindu Boy Select
Ganaraj Boy Lord Of The Clan Select


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