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Ishrit Hindu Boy Select
Ishver Hindu Boy Select
Ishwar Powerful, The Supreme God Select
Jagadeep Light Of The World Select
Jagadeesh Lord Of The World, Lord Vishnu , God Select
Jagajeet Conquerer Of The World Select
Jagajeevan Life Of The World, Worldly Life Select
Jagamohan One Who Attracts The World ( Jagatmohan ) Select
Jagan Select
Jaganarayan God Of The World ( Jagatnarayan ) Select
Jagannath Lord Of The World Select
Jagatbehari World Traveler ( Jagvihari ) Select
Jagatkishor World Child Select
Jagatpal Caretaker Of The World ( God ) Select
Jagatprabhu God Of The World Select
Jagatprakash Light Of The World Select
Jagatveer Bravest In The World ( Jagveer ) Select
Jahi Dignified Select
Jaidev God Of Victory Select
Jainil Select
Jaithra Lord Vishnu Select
Jakarious Peaceful Friend* Select
Jalbhushan Ornament Of Water ( Means Wind) Select
Jaldev God Of Water (Lord Varun) Select
Jaldhar One Who Holds Water ( Meaning Cloud) Select


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