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Hindu Baby Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Maneet Boy One Who Wins Heart Select
Manendra Boy King Of Mind Select
Mangal Boy Auspicious, Mars Select
Mangesh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Mani Boy Gem Select
Manibhushan Boy An Ornament Of Jewels, Very Best Jewel Select
Manidhar Boy A Mythical Snake With Jewel In Its Hood Select
Manik Boy Gem Select
Manikandan Boy Lord Ayyappa's Childhood Name Select
Manindra Boy Diamond, Lord Of Mind Select
Maniram Boy Jewel Of A Person Select
Manish Boy Intelligent, God Of Mind Select
Manishankar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Manivannan Boy Lord Ayyappa's Related Name Select
Manjeet Boy Winner Of Mind Select
Manjughosh Boy Sweet Sounding Recitation Select
Manjunath Boy King Of Heart Select
Manmohan Boy One Who Attacts Mind Select
Manohar Boy One Who Wins Over Mind, Attractive Select
Manoj Boy Born Of Mind, Kamdev Select
Manoop Boy Son Select
Manoranjan Boy One Who Pleases The Mind Select
Manpal Boy Select
Manprasad Boy Mentally Calm & Cool Person Select
Mansukh Boy Pleasure Of Mind Select


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