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Hindu Baby Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Nalinikant Boy Husband Of Lotus, ( Sun) Select
Naman Boy Bow, Salute Select
Namdev Boy Poet, Saint Select
Namish Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Namit Boy Bowed Down, Modest Select
Nand Boy Happy Select
Nanda Boy Select
Nandak Boy Pleasing Select
Nandakishor Boy Wiz-Kid, Lord Krishna Select
Nandakumar Boy Lord Krishna Select
Nandan Boy Friend , King, Son, One Who Brings Happiness Select
Nandapal Boy Lord Krishna Select
Nandi Boy One Who Pleases Others, The Divine Bull Select
Nandin Boy The Delightful, Follower Of Shiva Select
Nandish Boy Lord Shiva (Nandishwar) Select
Narayana Boy Lord Vishnu, Refuge Of Man, God Select
Narendra Boy King Of Men, King Select
Narendranath Boy King Of Kings, Emperor Select
Naresh Boy Lord Of Men Select
Narhari Boy Man-Lion ( Nara Simha) Select
Narinder Boy Select
Narmad Boy Bringing Delight Select
Narottam Boy Best Amongst Men, Lord Vishnu Select
Narsi Boy Poet, Saint Select
Narsimha Boy Half Lion & Half Man Select


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