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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Nishakar, Nishikar Boy Moon (Lord Of Night) Select
Nishant Boy End Of Night, Dawn Select
Nishanth Boy Peaceful; Dawn Select
Nishar Boy Warm Cloth Select
Nishat Boy A Tree Select
Nishchal Boy Unmovable, Unshakable Select
Nishesh Boy God Of Night (Moon) Select
Nishil Boy Night Select
Nishinath Boy Lord Of Night (Moon) ( Nishipati, Nishipal) Select
Nishit Boy Sharp, Pointed Select
Nishith Boy Midnight Select
Nishkarsh Boy Result Select
Nishok Boy One Without Sorrow, Happy Select
Nisyaanthan Boy Evening Select
Niteesh Boy The God Of Law, One Well Versed In Law Select
Nitesh Boy Select
Nitin Boy Select
Nitish Boy Lord Krishna's Name. Select
Nityanand Boy Always Happy Select
Nityanta Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Nityasundar Boy Ever Good-Looking Select
Nivas Boy Select
Nivrutti Boy Separation From World Select
Nridev Boy King Amongst Men Select
Nrip Boy King Select


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