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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Nripendra Boy The King Of Kings Select
Nripesh Boy Lord Of Kings Select
Obalesh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Ojas Boy Brilliance, Shine, Glow Select
Ojayit Boy Courageous Select
Om Boy Primordial Sound Select
Omanand Boy Joy Of Om Select
Omesh Boy Lord Of The Om Select
Omeshwar Boy Lord Of The Om Select
Omkar Boy Sound Of Om, Divine Sound Select
Omkarnath Boy Shiva Select
Omprakash Boy Light Of Om Select
Omswarup Boy Like Om Select
Oojam Boy Enthusiasm Select
Oorjit Boy Powerful, Strong Select
Padam Boy Lotus Select
Padmabandhu Boy Friend Of Lotus ( Bee , Sun ) Select
Padmadhar Boy One Who Holds A Lotus ( Lord Vishnu) Select
Padmaj Boy Born From Lotus ( Lord Bramha) Select
Padmakant Boy Husband Of Lotus ( Sun) Select
Padmakar Boy Jewel, Lord Vishnu Select
Padmalochan Boy Lotus Eyed Select
Padmanabh Boy One With Lotus In His Navel ( Lord Vishnu) Select
Padmapani Boy Lord Bramha Select
Padmayani Boy Lord Brahama; Buddha Select


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