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Hindu Baby Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Parashar Boy A Renowned Saint Select
Parees Boy Touch Stone Select
Pargat Boy Appearance Select
Parighosh Boy Loud Sound Select
Pariket Boy Against Desire Select
Parikshit Boy Tested One, Son Of Abhimanyu Select
Parimal Boy Fragrance Select
Parindra Boy Lion Select
Paritosh Boy Contentment Select
Parmanand Boy Divine Happiness Select
Parmeet Boy Wisdom Select
Parmesh Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Parth Boy King; Arjun Select
Partha Boy Arjun, King Select
Parthasarathi Boy Charioteer Of Partha ( Lord Krishna) Select
Parthiv Boy Prince Of Earth Select
Parvateshwar Boy God Of Mountains ( Himalaya ) Select
Parvatinandan Boy Son Of Parvati ( Ganesh / Kartikeya) Select
Parvesh Boy Lord Of Celebrations Select
Pashunath Boy Lord Of Animals ( Lord Shiva, Lion) Select
Pashupati Boy Animal Farmer, Lord Shiva Select
Patag Boy Sun Select
Patoj Boy Lotus Select
Patr Boy Defender Select
Pavan Boy Wind Select


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