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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Sanatan Boy Eternal Select
Sanath Boy With A Protector Select
Sanay Boy Prayer; To Praise Select
Sanchay Boy Collection Select
Sandeep Boy Lighted Lamp, To Lighten Up Select
Sandesh Boy Message Select
Sandy Boy Select
Sangir Boy Assent Promise Select
Sangod Boy With Water Pond Lake Select
Sanhata Boy Conciseness Select
Sanisth Boy Gaining Most Select
Sanivesh Boy Appearance / Form Select
Sanja Boy God Universal Creator Select
Sanjay Boy Victory, Lord Shiva, Dhritarashtra's Minister Select
Sanjeev Boy One Who Can Bring Back The Dead To Life, Life, Love Select
Sanjit Boy Victorious ,Vital Select
Sanjog Boy Coincidence Select
Sanjval Boy Well Lit Blazing Brightly Select
Sankalp Boy Vow Resolution Determination Select
Sankara, Shankar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Sankarsana Boy One Who Ploughs Select
Sanket Boy Signal Select
Sankil Boy Possessed With Fire A Burning Torch Select
Sannath Boy Accompanied By A Protector Select
Sannidhi Boy Nearness ,Always Ready Select


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