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Hindu Baby Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Shivanand Boy One Who Is Happy In Lord Shiva's Thoughts Or Shiva's Worship Select
Shivanath Boy Lord Shiva Select
Shivank Boy Mark Of Lord Select
Shivansh Boy Select
Shivas Boy Lord Shiva Select
Shivasunu Boy Lord Ganesh Select
Shiven Boy Lord Shiva Select
Shivendra Boy Lord Shiva; Lord Indra Select
Shivendu Boy Moon Select
Shivesh Boy Lord Shiva; Shiv+Esh ( Lord Shiv's Ishwar Shri RAM Select
Shiveshvar Boy God Of Welfare Select
Shivkumar Boy Son Of Lord Shiva (Ganesh, Kartikeya) ( Shivanandan ) Select
Shivraj Boy Lord Shiva Select
Shivram Boy Lord Shiva; Lord Ram Select
Shivshekhar Boy One At The Top Of Shiva (Moon) Select
Shiyam Boy Happy Select
Shlesh Boy Physical Bonding Select
Shlok Boy Sanskrit Verse Sound Praise Select
Shobhan Boy Splendid Select
Shoor Boy Valiant Select
Shoubhit Boy Lord Krishna Select
Shraunak Boy Select
Shrava Boy Praise Glory Fame Select
Shravan Boy A Hindu Month; The Devoted Son (From Ramayan) Select
Shree Boy Mr, God Select


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