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Ateet Past Select
Atharvan Knower Of The Arthara Vedas Select
Athervan One Of The Four Vedas Select
Atiksh Wise Select
Atin The Great One Select
Atmajyoti Light Of Soul ( Atma) Select
Atman The Self Select
Atul Matchless Select
Atulya Unweighable, Incomparable Select
Avalok One Who Beholds Select
Avanindra King Of The Earth Select
Avanish God Of The Earth Select
Avichal Unmovable Select
Avinash Indestructible Select
Aviral One Who Never Stops Select
Avkash Leisure Select
Ayush Age; Duration Of Life Select
Babala Above Select
Babul Hindu Boy Select
Badri prasad Gift Of Badri Select
Badrinath Lord Of Mount Badri, Vishnu Select
Balaaditya Rising Sun Select
Balachandra Young Moon Select
Balaji Name Of Lord Vishnu Select
Balakrishna Young Lord Krishna Select


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