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Hindu Baby Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Varesh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vareshvar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Varin Boy Gifts Select
Varindra Boy Lord Of All Select
Varish Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Variya Boy Excellent One Select
Variyas Boy Lord Shiva Select
Varun Boy God Of The Water, Neptune Select
Varunesh Boy Lord Of Water Select
Vasant Boy Spring Season Select
Vasav Boy Lord Indra Select
Vasava Boy Lord Indra Select
Vasavaj Boy Son Of Indra Select
Vasavi Boy Son Of Indra Select
Vasu Boy Wealth, Lord Vishnu Select
Vasudev Boy Lord Krishna's Father, The God Of Wealth Select
Vasuman Boy Born Of Fire Select
Vasumat Boy Lord Krishna Select
Vasupati Boy Rich Man Select
Vasur Boy Precious Select
Vasuroop Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vatatmaj Boy Lord Hanuman Select
Vatsa Boy Son Select
Vatsal Boy Love; Affection Select
Vatsapal Boy Lord Krishna Select


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