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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Ela Girl Cardamom Tree Select
Elakshi Girl A Woman With Intellegent Eyes Select
Elina Girl Pure, Intelligent Greek Select
Eravati Girl Name Of Goddess Select
Erisha Girl Speech Select
Esha Girl Desire Select
Esha Girl Desire; Want Select
Eshana Girl Search Select
Eshani Girl Goddess Parvathi Select
Eshita Girl One Who Desires Select
Ezhil Girl Oviyaa Beautiful Art (Tamil Name) Select
Falak Girl Star Select
Falguni Girl Select
Falguni, Phalguni Girl Born In Falgun, A Hindu Month Select
Farha Girl Happiness Select
Faria Girl Caravan Select
Firaki Girl Select
Gajagamini Girl Majestic- Like An Elephant's Walk Select
Gajra Girl String Of Flowers Select
Ganga Girl A River In India Select
Gangi Girl Goddess Durga Select
Gargi Girl Name Of A Learned Woman, Goddes Durga Select
Garima Girl Strength, Honor Select
Gaura Girl Goddes Parvati Select
Gauri Girl Goddes Parvati, Fair Complexioned Select
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