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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Simran, Smaram Girl Remembrance Select
Simrit, Smrita Girl Remembered Select
Simrita Girl Loved And Honoured By All Select
Sindhu Girl A River Select
Sindhuja Girl Goddess Laxmi Select
Sita Girl Wife Of Lord Rama Select
Sitara Girl Star Select
Smita Girl Smiling Select
Smiti Girl Smile, Laughter Select
Smriti Girl Recollection Select
Smruti Girl Remembrance Select
Sneh Girl Love Select
Sneha Girl Love; Affection Select
Snehal Girl Friendly Select
Snehalata Girl Creeper Of Love Select
Snehi Girl Much Loved Select
Snigda Girl Affectionate Select
Snigdha Girl Soft Select
Sohni Girl Beautiful Select
Soma Girl Moon-Rays Select
Somalakshmi Girl Lustre Of The Moon Select
Sona Girl Gold Select
Sonakshi Girl Golden-Eyed Select
Sonal Girl Gold Select
Sonali Girl Golden Select

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