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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Sonia Girl Beautiful Select
Sonika Girl Golden Select
Sonya Girl Wisdom Select
Soumya Girl Graceful And Beautiful Select
Sourabhi Girl Fragrance, The Celestial Cow Select
Spoorthi Girl Inspiration Select
Spoorti Girl Enthusiasm Select
Srishti, Sristi Girl Creation Select
Srividya Girl Wealth And Knowledge Select
Stavita Girl Praised Select
Stuti Girl Praise Select
Subhadra Girl A Wife Of Arjuna Select
Subhagya Girl Lucky Select
Subhashini Girl One Who Talks Sweetly, Soft Spoken Select
Sucharita Girl Of Good Character Select
Sucheta Girl With A Beautiful Mind Select
Suchi Girl Shining; Bright; Pure Select
Suchira Girl Tasteful Select
Suchita Girl Beautiful Select
Suchitra Girl Beautiful Select
Sudakshima Girl Wife Of King Dilip Select
Sudarshana Girl Handsome Select
Sudeepa Girl Bright Select
Sudeepta Girl Bright Select
Sudesha Girl A Son Of Krishna Select
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