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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Sushma Girl Exquisite Beauty Select
Sushobhana Girl Very Beautiful Select
Susmita Girl Smiling Select
Suvarna, Swarna Girl Golden Select
Suvarnarekha Girl Ray Of Gold Select
Suvarnmala Girl Golden Necklace Select
Svadhi Girl Thoughtful Select
Swapna Girl A Dream Select
Swapnali Girl Dreamlike Select
Swasti Girl Name Of A Star Select
Swati Girl Star Select
Tamanna Girl

Wish, Desire

Tamasi Girl Night Select
Tanaya Girl Son Select
Tanika Girl Rope Select
Tanisha Girl Ambition Select
Tanmayi Girl Ecstasy Select
Tannishtha Girl Dedicated Select
Tanu Girl Slim Select
Tanuja Girl Daughter Select
Tanushri Girl Beautiful Select
Tanvi Girl Goddess Durga, Beautiful Select
Tanya Girl Of The Family Select
Tapani Girl River Godavari Select
Tapasi Girl A Female Ascetic Select

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