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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Gaandhaari Girl Wife of dhritarashtra Select
Gaargee Girl Wife of yagyavalkya, a saint Select
Gaathaa Girl Story Select
Gaayatree Girl A sacred verse, a Goddess Select
Gajlakshmee Girl Goddess Lakshmi Select
Gandhaa Girl A sweet smelling Select
Gandhali Girl Sweet scent Select
Gangika Girl River ganga Select
Gangotri Girl Glacier where the ganga originates Select
Amaya Girl Guileless, not cunning or free from deceit Select
Jasmin Girl Gift from God Select
Kiya Girl The cooing of a bird or melodious Select
Bindu Girl Point or Dot Select
Greeshma Girl Kind of season Select
Nandana Girl Hindu Goddess Durga Select
Veena Girl Musical instrument Select
Devananda Girl Daughter of Hindu gods Select
Anakha Girl Sinless, Hindu Goddess Parvati/Lakshmi Select
Ammu Girl Sweet, happiness Select
Nayantara Girl Twinkling star in the eye Select
Kavitha Girl Poem Select
Navya Girl "Young;praiseworthy" Select
Lalitha Girl Pleasant;playful Select
Layana Girl Origin,and popularity Select
Abhirami Girl 'Hindu Goddes Parvathy' Select
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