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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Yajat Boy Lord shiva Select
Yajat Boy Lord Shiva Select
Yajnadhar Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Yajnarup Boy Lord Krishna Select
Yajnesh Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Yaksha Girl Sister Of Daksha Select
Yakshit Boy Permanent Select
Yamahil Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Yamajit Boy Lord Shiva Select
Yamal Boy One of a twin Select
Yamini Girl Night Select
Yamir Boy Moon Select
Yamuna Girl Holy River Select
Yana Girl Select
Yash Boy Victory, glory Select
Yash Boy Glory, Victory Select
Yashas Boy Fame Select
Yashaswini Girl One Who Is Successful Select
Yashawini Girl Successful lady Select
Yashica Girl Success Select
Yashila Girl Famous Select
Yashoda Girl Lord Krishna's Mother Select
Yashodev Boy Lord Of Fame Select
Yashodhan Boy Rich In Fame Select
Yashodhar Boy One Who Has Gained Fame Select


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