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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Manimala Girl A string of pearls Select
Manindra Boy Diamond, Lord Of Mind Select
Maniram Boy Jewel Of A Person Select
Manish Boy Intelligent, God Of Mind Select
Manisha Girl Goddess Of Mind Select
Manishankar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Manitha Girl Honoured Select
Manivannan Boy Lord Ayyappa's Related Name Select
Manjari Girl A Bunch Select
Manjeet Boy Winner Of Mind Select
Manjika Girl Sweet Select
Manjira Girl Ornament Select
Manju Girl Beautiful Select
Manjughosh Boy Sweet Sounding Recitation Select
Manjula Girl Melodious Select
Manjunath Boy King Of Heart Select
Manjusha Girl A Box Select
Manjusri Girl Goddess Saraswati Select
Manmayi Girl Mistrustful Select
Manmohan Boy One Who Attacts Mind Select
Manohar Boy One Who Wins Over Mind, Attractive Select
Manoj Boy Born Of Mind, Kamdev Select
Manoop Boy Son Select
Manorama Girl Beautiful Select
Manoranjan Boy One Who Pleases The Mind Select


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