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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Vimal Boy Pure Select
Sachet Boy Consciosness Select
Chidhatma Boy Big Soul Select
Vyom Boy The Universe Select
Nisarg Boy Select
Tarosh Boy Heaven; Small Boat Select
Sadhuj Boy Good Conduct Select
Parindra Boy Lion Select
Ambikapathi Boy Lord Of Shiva Select
Chandarmouli Boy Lord Shiva Select
Satvinder Boy Lord Of Virtue Select
Sahavan Boy Possessing Strength; Mighty Select
Alop Boy That which does not disappear Select
Achalraj Boy Himalayan Mountain Select
Neeraj Boy Born From Water (Lotus, Pearl) Select
Dhanu Boy Man Of Wealth Select
Eshwardutt Boy Gift Of God Select
Chunmay Boy Supreme Consciousness Select
Pujit Boy Worshipped Select
Kshiraj Boy Moon, Lotus, Conch -Shell Select
Saunak Boy Boy Sage Select
Smiren Boy Select
Nimish Boy Time For Flicker Of An Eye, Moment Select
Pihu Boy Chattering Of Bird Select
Lohitashwa Boy One With Red Horse ( Lord Shiva ), Fire Select


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