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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Sanyukta Girl Joined, United Select
Sarika Girl Koel Select
Snehi Girl Much Loved Select
Shashi Girl Night Select
Spoorthi Girl Inspiration Select
Prateeksha Girl Waiting Select
Ushmil Girl Warm Hearted Select
Sushama Girl Beauty Select
Amolika Girl Priceless Select
Avishi Girl Earth, River Select
Kamalini Girl Lotus Select
Roma Girl Lakshmi Select
Kekala Girl Dancer Select
Avnita Girl The Earth Select
Avanti Girl City Of Ujjain Select
Shanta Girl Peaceful Select
Tanuja Girl Daughter Select
Arpita Girl Dedicated Select
Kalindi Girl The River Yamuna Select
Chitralekha Girl As beautiful as a picture Select
Pramada Girl Beautiful lady Select
Adharshana Girl Idealistic Select
Ranjita Girl Adorned Select
Saroj Girl Lotus Select
Tarla Girl Nectar Select


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