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Most popular Indian Baby Names start with letter C

Moon light

Big Soul

Champa ( Flower ) , Pagoda ( Flower )

Bow Of Lord Shiva

Lord Krishna

Lord Of The Moon

Hindu Boy

Name Of A Beautiful Tree

Mercury Planet

Hindu Boy

Goddess Saraswathi

One Who Holds Moon In His Hair Knot (Lord Shiva)

Hindu Boy

Lord Bramha

The Best, Crest Jewel

One Who Wears Moon I.E. Lord Shiva

A Gem Related To Moon, Moon

Brightness Of The Moon

Like moon

One Who Knows All The 4 Vedas


Peacock Feather, Moon

Wife of moon

Moon As Crown; Lord Shiva

Smiling like a moon

Hindu Boy

One Who Pleases The Mind


One Whose Heart Is As Grand As The Sky

Hindu Boy