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Most popular Indian Baby Names start with letter L


Wife Of A Sage


Bouyant or Float


Bright eyes

Lord Of All Worlds, King

Brother Of Lord Rama, Prosperous

A Beautiful Sun

God Of Beauty, Husband Of A Beautiful Wife

Wife of sage Agastya

Goddess Parvati

Goddess Durga; Playful

One With Red Horse ( Lord Shiva ), Fire

Husband Of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu), Or A Rich Person

Beautiful & Attractive

A Beautiful Moon

Lilly Girl

The name of a flower 'Lily'

Lord Vishnu

Lakshmi And Lord Vishnu Together

One With Beautiful Eyes

Gautam Budha

Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu

Light Of The World

Red Moon

Husband Of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu)

Lord vishnu

Ornament Of The World