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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Aranya Girl Forest Select
Yudhajit Boy Victor In War Select
Manivannan Boy Lord Ayyappa's Related Name Select
Lakshminath Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Ishwar Boy Powerful, The Supreme God Select
Gunjal Boy Select
kinkini Girl ghunguroo Select
Athithya Boy Sun Select
Vajrajit Boy Lord Indra Select
Janakinath Boy Lord Rama Select
Vatsa Boy Son Select
Sajiva Boy Full Of Life Select
Vidur Boy Wise, Uncle Of The Pandavas Select
Lalitlochan Boy One With Beautiful Eyes Select
Soumil Boy A Friend Select
Gul Boy Hindu Boy Select
Anakha Girl Sinless, Hindu Goddess Parvati/Lakshmi Select
Subodh Boy Sound Advice, Easily Understood Select
Shaant Boy Peace And Calm Select
Paramjit Boy Heroic Select
Venkat Boy Lord Vishnu; Lord Krishna Select
Sahastrabahu Boy One With Thousand Arms, Lord Shiva Select
Seduka Boy Existent Select
Saril Boy One That Brings Essence Select
Vipin Boy Forest, Woods Select
Khairiya Boy Charitable,good Select
Nageshwaran Boy Lord Snake Select
Vishvas Boy Faith ,Earth, Universe Select
Paramartha Boy Highest Or Divine Truth Select
Gandharva Boy Musicians Of Gods Select
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