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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Aamod Boy Pleasant, accept Select
Raksha Girl Protector Select
Aparijita Girl Undefeated; Name Of A Flower Select
Eesha Girl Goddess Parvati, purity Select
Arundhati Girl A Star Select
Avanish Boy God Of The Earth Select
Nakshatra Girl Pearl Select
Lajni Girl Shy Select
Rashi, Raashi Girl Collection Select
Noopur Girl Anklet Select
Joshita Girl Pleased Select
Tejal Girl Bright Select
Jainil Boy Select
Ritu Girl Season Select
Arjun Boy Peacock Select
Juhi Girl A Flower Select
Leena Girl Devoted Select
Esha Girl Desire Select
Samidha Girl An Offering For A Sacred Fire Select
Shikha Girl Branch, Flame Select
Prapti Girl Gain Select
Krittika Girl The 3rd Nakshatra Select
Nishtha Girl Devotion Select
Ajit Boy Unconquerable Select
Devesh Boy God Of Gods Select
Ipsa Girl Ambition, Desire Select
Pranati Girl Prayer Select
Manisha Girl Goddess Of Mind Select
Nihal Boy Happy, Contented Select
Banita Girl Woman Select
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