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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Aparijita Girl Undefeated; Name Of A Flower Select
Manvik Boy Manvik Select
Juhi Girl A Flower Select
Kaushik Boy Sentiment Of Love, Vishwamitra Select
Anurag Boy Attachment, Devotion, Love Select
Bhavesh Boy Lord Of The World, Lord Shiva Select
Tanuja Girl Daughter Select
Ipsa Girl Ambition, Desire Select
Devam Boy Hindu Baby Select
Tanush Boy Lord Shiva Select
Leena Girl Devoted Select
Sarah Girl Princess Select
Pooja, Puja Girl Worship Select
Ashwin Boy A Star Select
Shraddha Girl Faith Select
Lajni Girl Shy Select
Yana Girl Select
Samita Girl Collected Select
Jivika Girl Source of life Select
Vaishnavi Girl Goddess durga, ganga, tulsi Select
Ved Boy Sacred Knowledge Select
Naman Boy Bow, Salute Select
Yatee Girl Goddess Durga Select
Ajit Boy Unconquerable Select
Ambuj Boy Born From Water, Lotus Select
Nyna Girl Dream ,eye Select
Malavika Girl Princess Of Malawa Select
Darpan Girl Mirror Select
Mohita Girl Attracted Select
Divyanshu Boy Divine Light, Sun Select
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