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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Champa Girl Fragrant Flower Select
Kaladhar Boy One Who Shows Different Phases ( I.E. The Moon) Select
Sushant Boy Quiet, Peaceful Person Select
Angak Boy Son Select
Sarala, Sarla Girl Straight Select
Rajan Boy King Select
Gaurang Boy Fair Complexioned Select
Suneeti Girl Mother Of Dhruva Select
Vineeta Girl Humble, modest Select
Kushan Boy Hindu Boy Select
Kamran Boy Success Select
Vinay Boy Good Manners, Modesty Select
Nirmay Boy Pure Select
Chandrakala Girl Phases Of The Moon Select
Prabir Boy Hero, Brave One ( Praveer ) Select
Suchit Boy Person With A Sound Mind Select
Bhudev Boy Lord Of Earthe Select
Padmaj Boy Born From Lotus ( Lord Bramha) Select
Amitava Boy Same As Amitabh Select
Sahanj Boy A King Select
Kaveri Girl River in India Select
Suhrita Girl Well-Disposed Select
Faria Girl Caravan Select
Jayadeep Boy Light Of Victory Select
Shilpita Girl Well- Proportioned Select
Poojan Boy Worship Select
Rupesh Boy Lord Of Beauty Select
Ratna Girl Jewel Select
Sunetra Girl One With Beautiful Eyes Select
Fateh Boy Victory Select
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