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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Kaveri Girl River in India Select
Lana Girl Bouyant or Float Select
Kalanath Boy Moon Select
Kuldeep Boy Heir To The Family Select
Dayaswarup Boy Merciful Select
Nirmay Boy Pure Select
Sudesha Girl A Son Of Krishna Select
Fateh Boy Victory Select
Shravasti Girl An Ancient Indian City Select
Abra Boy Fire ,cloud Select
Nibodh Boy Knowledge Select
Mandakini Girl A River Select
Manorama Girl Beautiful Select
Mithilesh Girl The King Of Mithila, Janak, Father Of Sita Select
Taru Girl Small Plant Select
Ratna Girl Jewel Select
Vineeta Girl Humble, modest Select
Suchit Boy Person With A Sound Mind Select
Chandrakanta Girl Wife Of The Moon Select
Shobha Girl Splendour Select
Rajan Boy King Select
Paranjay Boy Lord Of The Sea Select
Ragin Boy Select
Jayadeep Boy Light Of Victory Select
Mrityunjay Girl Lord Shiva Select
Savitri Girl A Form Of The Devi Select
Sunetra Girl One With Beautiful Eyes Select
Dhyanam Boy Attentive Select
Rupesh Boy Lord Of Beauty Select
Yamuna Girl Holy River Select
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