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Hindu Girl names starting with B page 2 of 2

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Bhagyashree Girl Fortunate Select
Bhagyashri Girl Goddess Lakshmi, Lucky Select
Bhairavi Girl A Melody In Classical Music Select
Bhakti Girl Devotion Select
Bhamini Girl Beautiful Select
Bhandhavi Bhanu Girl Sun,Fame Select
Bhandhavya Girl Relationship Select
Bhanumathi Girl Full of Lustre,Famous Select
Bhanupriya Girl Beloved Of The Sun Select
Bharati Girl Goddess Saraswati, Speech Select
Bhargavi Girl Goddess Durga Select
Bhavana , Bhavna Girl Feelings, Sentiments Select
Bhavani Girl Goddess Durga Select
Bhavika Girl Cheerful Expression Select
Bhavini Girl Emotional Select
Bhavya Girl Goddess Parvati Select
Bhilangana Girl A river Select
Bhooma Girl Globe; World Select
Bhoomika Girl The Earth Select
Bhuvana Girl Goddess Of Earth Select
Bijal Girl Lightening Select
Bijli Girl Lightening Select
Bindhu Girl Point Select
Bindiya, Bindu Girl Drop, Point Select
Bindu Girl Point or Dot Select


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