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Short and cute Indian hindu baby names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Aadav Boy The sun, bright, powerful, intelligent Select
Aadit Boy Peak Select
Aahna Girl Exist Select
Aahva Boy Beloved Select
Aamod Boy Pleasant, accept Select
Aaral Girl Flower Select
Aarav Boy Peaceful Select
Aashi Girl Smile Select
Aasmi Girl I am Select
Abha Girl Lustrous Beauty Select
Abhay Boy Fearless,A Son Of Dharma Select
Abhi Boy Fearless Select
Abhik Boy Beloved Select
Abra Boy Fire ,cloud Select
Achal Boy Stable/ Soul Select
Adah Girl Decorated,Ornament Select
Adeel Boy Honest Select
Adeep Boy Light Select
Adhip Boy King Select
Adi Boy Beginning , First Born Select
Adish Boy Lord Shiva, Fire Select
Adith Boy From the begining Select
Aditi Girl The Earth Select
Adrut Boy Select
Advay Boy Unique Select


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