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Hindu Girl names starting with E

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Eesha Girl Goddess Parvati, purity Select
Eeshika Girl Select
Eiravati Girl Lightening, Ravi River Select
Ekanthika Girl Born To Win Select
Ektaa, Ekta Girl Unity Select
Ela Girl Cardamom Tree Select
Elakshi Girl A Woman With Intellegent Eyes Select
Elamathi Girl The Crescent Moon Select
Elina Girl Pure, Intelligent Greek Select
Eravati Girl Name Of Goddess Select
Erisha Girl Speech Select
Esha Girl Desire Select
Esha Girl Desire; Want Select
Eshana Girl Search Select
Eshani Girl Goddess Parvathi Select
Eshita Girl One Who Desires Select
Eva Girl Living Select
Ezhil Girl Oviyaa Beautiful Art (Tamil Name) Select


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