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Hindu Girl names starting with K page 2 of 5

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Kamakya Girl Durga, Granter of wishes Select
Kamala Girl Goddess Lakshmi Select
Kamalakshi Girl One With Lotus Like Eyes Select
Kamalika Girl Goddess Lakshmi Select
Kamalini Girl Lotus Select
Kamana Girl Desire Select
Kamika Girl Desired Select
Kamini Girl A Beautiful Women Select
Kamna Girl Wish Select
Kamnika Girl Beautiful Select
Kamya Girl Capable Select
Kanak, Kanaka Girl Gold Select
Kanakapriya Girl One who loves gold Select
Kanakpriya Girl Lover Of Gold Select
Kanan Girl A Garden Select
Kananbala Girl Daughter of forest Select
Kanchan Girl Gold Select
Kanchi Girl A Waistband Select
Kaneera Girl Grain Select
Kanika Girl Tom Select
Kanishka Girl Name Of A King Select
Kanta Girl Beautiful Select
kanthi Girl Splendour Select
Kanti Girl Lustre Select
Kanupriya Girl Radha Select


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