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Hindu Girl names starting with M page 2 of 4

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Maina Girl A Singing Bird Select
Maithili, Mythili Girl Lord Ram's Wife - Sita Select
Maitri Girl Friendship Select
Makshi Girl Honey Bee Select
Mala Girl Necklace Select
Malati Girl Fragrant Flower Select
Malavika Girl Princess Of Malawa Select
Malini Girl Flourist Select
Mallika Girl Queen Select
Manali Girl A Bird Select
Manana Girl Meditation Select
Manasa, Maanasa Girl Mind Select
Manasi Girl Spiritual Adoration Select
Manasi Girl A Lady Select
Mandakini Girl A River Select
Mandira Girl Home Select
Mandodari Girl Ravan's Wife Select
Mangala Girl Auspicious Select
Manideepa Girl A lamp made of precious stones Select
Manimala Girl A string of pearls Select
Manisha Girl Goddess Of Mind Select
Manitha Girl Honoured Select
Manjari Girl A Bunch Select
Manjika Girl Sweet Select
Manjira Girl Ornament Select


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