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Hindu Girl names starting with M page 4 of 4

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Mira Girl Light; A red giant star; Name of a devotee of Krishna; Saintly woman Select
Misha,Meesha Girl Select
Mishti Girl Sweetness Select
Mita, Meeta Girl A Friend Select
Mithilesh Girl The King Of Mithila, Janak, Father Of Sita Select
Mitul Girl Measured; Moderate Select
Mohini Girl Very Beautiful Select
Mohisha Girl Intellect Select
Mohita Girl Attracted Select
Mona Girl Just One Select
Monica Girl A Wise Counsellor Select
Mridula Girl Tenderness Select
Mriganayani Girl One With Deer- Like Beautiful Eyes Select
Mriganka Girl Lord Shiva Select
Mrinalini Girl Lotus Select
Mrityunjay Girl Lord Shiva Select
Mudita Girl Happy Select
Mudra Girl Expression Select
Mudrika Girl Ring Select
Mugdha Girl Spellbound Select
Mukta Girl Pearl Select
Mukti Girl Ultimate Freedom Select
Muskaan Girl Smile Select
Mythili Girl Godess Sita Select


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