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Hindu Girl names starting with N page 2 of 3

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Nayana Girl Eyes Select
Nayantara Girl Twinkling star in the eye Select
Neela Girl Blue Colour Select
Neelabja Girl Blue Lotus Select
Neelakshi Girl Blue-Eyed Select
Neelam Girl Sapphire Select
Neelambari Girl Blue Sky Select
Neelanjana Girl Blue Select
Neera Girl Water Select
Neeraja Girl Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi Select
Neeru Girl Light Select
Neeta Girl Upright Select
Neeti Girl Good Behaviour Select
Neha Girl Yearning Select
Nehal Girl Rainy Select
Netra Girl Eye Select
Neysa Girl Pure Select
Nidhi Girl Treasure Select
Niharika Girl Dew Drops Select
Nihira Girl Select
Nikhita Girl The Earth Select
Nikki Girl Small Select
Nila Girl Blue Select
Nima Girl The Mother Of Kabir Select
Nimeesha Girl Split Second Select


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