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Hindu Girl names starting with P page 2 of 5

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Parni Girl Leafy Select
Parnika Girl Auspicious Apsara Select
Paru Girl Master; Furnished; Knowledge Select
Parul Girl Name Of A Flower Select
Parvani Girl Full Moon Select
Parvati Girl A River Select
Parveen Girl A Star Select
Pauravi Girl Horizon on East and West Select
Pavana Girl Of The Wind Select
Pavani Girl Pure, Holy Select
Pavi Girl Lightning Select
Pavithra Girl Pure, sacred, Select
Pavithritha Girl Happy Select
Pavitra Girl Sacred Select
Payal Girl Anklet Select
Phalak Girl Sky Select
Phalguni Girl Full Moon Day In The Month Of Phalgun Select
Pia Girl Beloved Select
Piyali Girl A Tree Select
Pooja, Puja Girl Worship Select
Poojitha Girl Worshipped Select
Poonam Girl Full Moon Select
Poorbi Girl Eastern Select
Poorineeta Girl Select
Poorna Girl Complete Select


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