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Hindu Girl names starting with P page 3 of 5

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Poorva Girl Elder,East Select
Poorvaganga Girl River Narmada Select
Prabha Girl Light Select
Prabharoopa Girl Goddess Durga Select
Prabhati Girl Morning Select
Prabhrithi Girl From destiny Select
Prachi Girl Eastern Select
Pradeepa Girl Light Select
Pradeepta Girl Glowing Select
Pradhi Girl Intelligent Select
Pradhyumna Girl One of the Character name in Mahabharatham Select
Pragalbha Girl Expert Select
Pragati Girl Progress Select
Pragya Girl Wisdom Select
Prajna Girl Goddess Parvathi Select
Prakriti Girl Nature Select
Prakruti Girl Nature Select
Pramada Girl Beautiful lady Select
Pramila Girl One Of Arjuna's Wives Select
Pramiti Girl Knowledge Of Truth Select
Pramuditha Girl Joyous Select
Pranaali Girl System Select
Pranati Girl Prayer Select
Prapthi Girl Determination Select
Prapti Girl Gain Select


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