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Hindu Girl names starting with P page 4 of 5

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Prarthana Girl Prayer Select
Praseeda Girl be pleased Select
Prashansa Girl Praise Select
Prashanti Girl Peace Select
Prasutha Girl Flower Select
Prateeksha Girl Waiting Select
Prathitha Girl confident Select
Prathysha Girl Early Morning Select
Pratibha Girl Talent Select
Pratima Girl Idol Select
Pratishtha Girl Honour Select
Pratyaya Girl Perception, thought, intention Select
Pratyusha Girl Early morning Select
Prayaathi Girl Goes Select
Preetha Girl One who is happy Select
Preeti Girl Love Select
Prem Girl Love Select
Prema Girl Love Select
Prerana Girl Inspiration Select
Prerita Girl To Inspire Select
Presanna Girl Cheerful, pleased, happy Select
Preyasi Girl Beloved Select
Prisha Girl God's gift Select
Prita Girl Dear One Select
Priti Girl Satisfaction Select


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