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Hindu Girl names starting with T page 3 of 3

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Trilochana Girl Lord Shiva Select
Trinayani Girl Goddess Durga Select
Trinetra Girl Goddess Durga Select
Tripta Girl Satisfaction Select
Tripti Girl Satisfaction Select
Trisha Girl Wish, Desire Select
Trishala Girl Trident Select
Trishna Girl Thirst Select
Triveni Girl Confluence Of Three Sacred Rivers Select
Triya Girl Young Girl Select
Tuhina Girl Snow Select
Tulasi Girl A sacred plant ( basil ) Select
Tulika Girl A Paint Brush Select
Tulsi Girl Sacred Plant Select
Tusti Girl Peace, Happiness Select
Tvesa Girl Brilliant , glittering Select
Twinkle Girl Glow ,shine ,sparkle Select


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