Baby Girl Names Starting With 'S'

Names of Hindu baby girls beginning with the letter S and their meanings. Showing 351 to 375 of 405 names. Click to shortlist names and view later.

Saumya Girl name

Mild, Goddess Durga

Suhana Girl name


Saachi Girl name


Saana Girl name

One who emanates light / brilliance; splendor; Praise, Prayer; Praise; Resplendence; Brilliance

Saania Girl name

A moment in time preserved

Saaniya Girl name

A moment in time preserved

Saaniyah Girl name

A moment in time preserved

Saanya Girl name

A moment in time preserved

Sabita Girl name

Beautiful sunshine

Sabitha Girl name

Beautiful sunshine

Sabnam Girl name


Sachita Girl name


Sadana Girl name

A devoted woman; Goddess Durga; Long practice or study, fulfilment; Worship

Sadhri Girl name


Sagari Girl name

Of the occean

Sahasra Girl name

A new beginning

Sahithi Girl name

Literature of Music; Literature

Sai priya Girl name

Beloved; Loved one, darling.

Saija Girl name


Sasikala Girl name

Moon light

Sailaja Girl name

Lord Parvati

Sairoopa Girl name

Saisree Girl name

Garace of sirdi sai

Sajala Girl name


Sajini Girl name


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