Baby Girl Names Starting With 'U'

Names of Hindu baby girls beginning with the letter U and their meanings. Showing 51 to 62 of 62 names. Click to shortlist names and view later.

Usha prabha Girl name

The morning rays of Sun

Usha Rani Girl name

Dynamic, independent, restless person.

Ushamani Girl name

One who is like the morning jewel

Ushila Girl name

One who is modest and well-behaved

Usri Girl name

A river

Uteghita Girl name

One who is enthusiastic

Uthami Girl name


Utpala Girl name

A lotus

Utpalakshi Girl name

One who is divine;Another name of Goddess Lakshmi

Utpalini Girl name

A lotus pond

Utpatti Girl name


Uttama Girl name

One who is regarded superior

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