Baby Girl Names Starting With 'V'

Names of Hindu baby girls beginning with the letter V and their meanings. Showing 101 to 125 of 169 names. Click to shortlist names and view later.

Vaijantimala Girl name

Lord vishnu's garland

Vaijayantimala Girl name

A garland of lord vishnu

Vaikha Girl name

Queen like; Another name of Goddess Parvathi

Vaishanvi Girl name

One who adorns Lord Vishnu; Another name of Goddess Parvati

Vaishu Girl name

Wise and graceful; Another name of Goddess Lakshmi

Vaishvi Girl name

One who is pure in spirit

Vaisnavi Girl name

One who adorns and worships Lord Vishnu

Vajramala Girl name

Precious gem like diamond

Vajreshwary Girl name

Buddhist goddess

Vallabhi Girl name

Darling and precious

Vallari Girl name

Creepers, parvati

Valli Girl name


Valliammai Girl name

Loved one; The name was also given to the wife Of Lord Murugan

Vallika Girl name


Vallimayil Girl name

Elevated like a mountain; Another name of Goddess Sita

Valsala Girl name

Vamdevi Girl name

Goddess durga, savitri

Vamil Girl name


Vamsee Girl name

One who is powerful

Vamshi Girl name

One who is powerful

Vamsilatha Girl name

Lover of the Lord Krishna

Vanaja Girl name

Daughter of forest, derived from forest

Vanajakshi Girl name

Blue Lotus Eyed.

Vanajyoti Girl name

Like a rose in the garden; Another name of Goddess Durga

Vanamala Girl name

Garland of flowers

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