Baby Girl Names Starting With 'Y'

Names of Hindu baby girls beginning with the letter Y and their meanings. Showing 51 to 66 of 66 names. Click to shortlist names and view later.

Yuvati Girl name

Young woman or girl

Yuvanasri Girl name

Yuti Girl name


Yuthika Girl name


Yura Girl name

One who is youthful

Yuktha Girl name


Yugma Girl name

Twins, Zodiac sighn of gemini

Yubhashana Girl name

One who spreds light,Another name of Goddess Lakshmi

Yoshini Girl name

One who spreds happiness and blessed with success

Yoshika Girl name

Beautiful princess,One who is Successful, Very cute

Yosana Girl name


Yogishri Girl name

One who is devoted

Yogeswary Girl name

Goddess Durga

Yogeeta Girl name

Another name of Goddess Parvathi,A charming personality

Yazhini Girl name

A beautiful musical instrument

Yachana Girl name


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