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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Aadarsh Boy One who has principles Add
Aadesh Boy Command, Message Add
Aadhira Girl Moon Add
Aadhishankar Boy Sri Shankaracharya, founder of Adwaitha Philosophy Add
Aadit Boy Peak Add
Aagman Boy Arrival Add
Aagney Boy Born from fire Add
Aahva Boy Beloved Add
Aakarshan Boy Attraction Add
Aaloka Girl Cry Of Victory Add
Aashi Girl Smile Add
Aashirya Girl From The Land Of God Add
Abha Girl Lustrous Beauty Add
Abhay Boy Fearless,A Son Of Dharma Add
Abhi Boy Fearless Add
Abhijat Boy Noble, Wise, Total Victory Add
Abhijit /Abhijeet Boy One Who Is Victorious, A Star Add
Abhik Boy Beloved Add
Abhilash Boy Wish / Desire Add
Abhilasha Girl Ambition, Desire Add
Abhinandan Boy Congratulation Add
Abhinav Boy Quite New Add
Abhinivesh Boy Desire Add
Abhiram Boy Lovely; Pleasing Add
Abhiroop Boy Handsome Add
Abhirut Boy Add
Abhisar Boy Companion Add
Abhishek Boy Shower Of Milk / Water Over An Idol Add
Abhyas Boy Add
Achal Boy Stable/ Soul Add
Achala Girl Constant Add
Achalraj Boy Himalayan Mountain Add
Achintya Boy Beyond Comprehension Add
Achyuta Boy Indestructible, One Who Is Firm Add
Adamya Boy Add
Adarsh Boy Ideal Add
Adeep Boy Light Add
Adhika Girl More, Extra Add
Adhira Girl Lightning Add
Adhita Girl Scholar Add