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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Divyanshu Boy Divine Light, Sun Select
Divyendu Boy Bright Moon Select
Divyesh Boy Sun Select
Drishti Girl Sight Select
Drishya Girl Sight Select
Dristi Girl Sight Select
Druvan Boy Hindu Boy Select
Dulari Girl Dear Select
Duranjaya Boy A Heroic Son Select
Durga Boy Unreachable Select
Durga Girl Goddess Parvati Select
Durgadas Boy Servant ( A Devotee ) Of Godess Durga Select
Durgadutt Boy Gift From Godess Durga Select
Durgesh Boy Lord Of Fort Select
Durjaya Boy Difficult To Conquer, Lord Vishnu Select
Durmada Boy Hindu Boy Select
Durvish Boy One Who Cannot Be Affected By Poison (Lord Shiva) Select
Dvimidha Boy Hindu Boy Select
Dwaitha Girl Disciplined, strong, stable, Select
Dwarkadhish Boy Ruler Of Dwarka (Lord Krishna) Select
Dwarkanath Boy Lord Of Dwarka (Lord Krishna) Select
Dwijendra/Dwijesh Boy Moon Select
Dyaus Boy King Of Heaven And The First Man On Earth Select


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